Six Pack

Site 1.
WOW! six eggs laid, almost looks like there is seven but thats just the poor picture quality, or a clever wood chip. It is going to be a busy spring for this pair. Its been almost two week since egg laying began, so I think she should be done, but who knows?



  1. Hi,
    I found you through the Celery Farm’s web site. Are you in the NJ area? We finally have a screech owl using our box again this year. Very exciting. We have a camera installed, so I’ll keep you posted on our success.

  2. Great view of the box. What kind of camera do you use. Mine is attached to the top of the box, but large areas are sadly obscured.

  3. Oh. You put the old camera to good use! It is nice to hear the owls, especially when the two actually converse. The drawback is that there are areas in the back of the box as well as the entrance hole that I can’t see. So far I have spotted only one egg (laid on March 8th). In theory there should be more, but I can’t see them. /Thanks for the info, though.

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