New Owl Siting

Site 8

This site was established February 15 2010, first owl in a Box April 16. There is a 3″ circle hole box with in 20 feet, hopefully a second owl will be joining soon.
Its not too late for nesting to be a possibility. Exciting news!

here’s the report
“WE HAVE AN OWL!!!!!!!!!! Exactly two months after the boxes were set up.
I saw a suspicious gray ’shadow’ in the box yesterday afternoon, but it disappeared before I could really focus on it. No time to get binocs and I thought it was a squirrel anyway. When I got up this cloudy morning, the “shadow” was there again! This time I could get the binocs and confirm it is a grey-morph owl. I took some photos. A closer look at the best pic makes me think that it is more ‘chocolate’ coloration than gray. I’ve noticed this tint on an gray-morph owl last seen in our yard about 7-8 years ago. I doubt it’s the same bird, it just has similar coloration.”



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