4 Fledged

Site 1

Sometime last night four owlets left their home, now hanging out in a Yew right near the Box. They are hidden well. (only 3 owlets in the photo, the 4th was above them). 2 are left in the Box.


  1. Good Morning, John C. recently told me about your Screech Owl boxes and nest cams, nicely done! I’ve put a few nest boxes up in the yard here in Essex, MA but have not had the success you have. I also manage a Kestrel nest box program for a local bird club with a dozen or so boxes placed around Essex County. I see Screech Owls in them over the winters and may have a pair nesting in one in Newbury this season. The design of your box is quite interesting, wouldn’t it be nice to find a way to discourage Starlings & Squirrels! John said you have boxes up in Wenham (I grew up on Main St). Could you tell me if you have any nesting birds in that area? I’m working with Mass Audubon on their Breeding Bird Atlas and would love to confirm nesting Screech Owls. Thanks for any help you can pass along and keep up the great work!!

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