Cautiously Optimistic

Site 8

The owl has made a few appearances since it was first seen April 16. but has not been seen since April 29. If it is on eggs, sitings during the day, during incubation could be minimal to non-existent. Quite often the female just leaves briefly right around dark, she doesn’t spend much time in the entrance and will hop down quick on the return. Since no cam, we will have a better idea heading into June, if an owl continues (more frequently as owlets hatch and growing) to be seen. Or if there are no more sitings then there is always next year. Hopefully some fuzzy faces appear as we head towards the end of June.
the photo is from april 19.



    1. Have you guys watched the boxes intently, right at dusk? the female while incubating rarely shows herself. just leaves ever so breifly at dark.

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