First Owlet Appearance

Site 3

Got a report that the first owlet (face) made brief but definitive appearance in the entry hole today. All five seem to be doing well, although this camera is a bit more zoomed in the the other one, so its doesn’t show the whole floor in the field of view. Mom has been spending more and more time roosting out of the box and in the maple foliage near the box, and was out an about fairly early. Light enough to get a photo (albeit not good quality) with out a flash (I don’t like using flashes for owls).


  1. How nice. I would love to see the three owlets that fledged our owlbox. I see signs of them all around the yard however. Just today I found a small owl pellet by the bird bath.

  2. the longer it gets from fledging the tougher they are to find,now almost impossible once leaves are out in full force…the family makes quite a mess under the roost for the day.

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