Sounding Good

Site 8

“September 12, 2010 at about 5 this morning I heard a screech owl calling in our backyard. It was a soft trill, which suggested the owl was close to the house. It called repeatedly while I was awake (about 10 minutes). No owl appeared in either of the two owl boxes when I made periodic checks during the day.”

Thanks for the report, hopefully this means good things for the season.



  1. no further sounds of a Screech Owl in our yard, BUT …. I have heard a Saw-whet calling several times over the past few days. I think the last time I’ve actually heard a Saw-whet calling you & I were on a Christmas Count along Mill Rd. in Ipswich. It’s too long ago to remember when.

    1. very cool, I never have heard a Saw-whet.
      Generally, box occupancy takes place as the temp gets colder and leaves get scarcer. (the glaring exception being the site 3 owl that has been utilizing the box since mid august!?)

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