Hollow Obsession

Becoming interested in Owls it seems, eventually leads to scoping out trees for hollows/cavities. Especially on frequently traveled routes. First taking notice of holes big enough, then wondering how deep they are, sometimes they (the cavity) remove themselves because they don’t drain well and seep water out the front. A tell tale sign of this is a black streak leading down along the bark from the entrance of the hollow. Some look like a good bet, but nothing ever appears, well… until it does. Such is the case with this cavity, it always appeared like a candidate, and further peaked my interest in that it seems to be facing roughly due north. For years I have check it on my way to work, and until yesterday nothing was ever there. Now the fun part is to see if its a one and done or becomes well used.
anyway, there seems to be alot more hollows in use in the area, as evident by http://birdsofessex.blogspot.com/ far better photography than this site. Its always fun to watch screech owls in natural cavities, even if you don’t find them yourselves.


  1. That is awesome! Great detective work! In the past few years they have been butchering the trees around the utility polls and wires in these parts of Jersey, which saddened me for the trees, but then made me realize how many more opportunities the wood peckers and then the screech owls will have a few years down the road. So year, I too am always looking for birds and cavities in the trees as I drive. Nice pic!

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