Second Owl Confirmed

Site 8

at least one other owl has been seen here, It helps that it was a red phased. There is still a possibility there was a third owl earlier in the year (october). The owner of site 8, composed this helpful composite photograph. Here is the first hand account. (Great job on the photo BTW)

Since Oct. 17th our owl box has been in use by at least two Screech owls. The first is probably the same grey-morph owl that stayed briefly in April (both photos on left) and returned this fall. The red morph owl (in the bottom right) arrived on the scene in mid December and has been seen regularly through today. I believe that the owl that arrived in mid October (upper right) was a third distinct individual. I base that belief on observations made over the month or so it was around. Unfortunately, it was harder to photograph because it was rarely visible during the full daylight hours – hence harder to photograph in sufficient light.


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