“There was a Mighty Duel”

Site 1

Ahh, the Princess Bride..(when I saw these tracks my mind flashed to this scene.)


There was a mighty duel — it ranged all over. They were both masters.


Who won? How did it end?

That however, I cannot tell…it was unclear whether the rodent was apprehended or not. I am thinking a hawk, but there was a report of a large ‘eared’ type owl that was seen a few weeks ago on site, which leaves long-eared or great-horned. The bird print was too large to be a screech owl. Mmm the plot thickens. (this was before the Jan 2011, blizzard ) If anyone can identify based on the tail print, and wing streaks in snow let me know!



  1. Great site. I am thinking about putting up an additional slot box on a pole. I copied your slot Where do you get the camo vinyl from? If I used that I won’t need to put up a baffel which will make my wife VERY happy.

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