Owls Galore

Site 8,

There are at least 3 owls using the box at this site and fairly likely four. (Which would make sense if there were 2 pair with overlapping territories). Another Superb composite!

From Site 8 owner:

I’ve seen owl(s) 7 days this month … and have taken photos on 4 days! owl pic of 1/4 is obviously the red-morph. owl pics of 1/11 & 1/15 show a darker grey or brown individual, probably the most “regular” visitor to this box. the most recent photo on 1/19 is very pale (almost white) with subtle markings to define the facial disks & “beard”. previously seen on 11/27/2010.

From my perspective, the 1/11 owl has more definitive/bolder white ‘eyebrows’ and the black outlines seem bolder, compared to the 1/15 owl, BUT this could be a function of lighting. Anyway, I have always had the subjective bias that red phased were more attractive, but that pale gray phased is striking!
Thanks again for the photos.

Update: pm 1/23/11

I agree that there could be four different individuals, for the very reason you cite: … the “more definitive/bolder white ‘eyebrows’ and the black outlines seem bolder, compared to the 1/15 owl” I have been trying to confirm that the difference isn’t simply an artifact of the lighting. So far, I’ve only noticed this “individual” in the dim light of dawn & dusk and it only occasionally shows itself on overcast days. 1/11 was a rare sighting during daylight hours with sufficient light to take photos. It is difficult to keep track of the different owls without a photo record to refer to. I have made notes on the calendar of ” Owl – light”, “Owl – red” and “Owl-dark” to try and differentiate them but, because of the variability of the lighting, I’m unsure of the accuracy of these attributions. IN the meantime, I’ve got the scope & camera at the ready for future photo opportunities.



  1. “there was a mighty DUET!” – a pair of Great Horned Owls serenaded us at about 3 this morning. I think they were within an eighth of a mile because I could hear them distinctly .

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