Circle Comfort

Site 8

Why any particular screech owl becomes 'comfortable' with a box is still a bit of mystery. One of the reasons for pairing (circle hole and slot) is to see if this matters to owls. So far I would give a slight edge to the slot design, but very far from conclusive. Anyway….from Site 8.

After almost a full year an owl has finally tried out the ’round hole’. This was a one day trial period, however, because the same (i believe) owl has been using the slot box on a regular basis.


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  1. I meant to add the date for the great “circle hole experiment” was Feb 11th, just 11 days shy of a year since the boxes were erected! Also noteworthy is that this same owl was present for 6 days in a row, but roosted in the “circle box” only once. Now that I have accumulated a photographic data base, it is easier to recognize individual owls. I now believe that the first owl to visit our yard last April (4/19/’10 photo) has been the most frequently seen & photographed in our yard; see comparative photos posted: 11/27/’10, 1/15/’11, 2/9/’11 and 2/11/11. I admit that the latest photo on 2/11 might appear to be a different owl, but I believe the smaller hole, full frontal view and angle of the sunlight all contribute to the slightly different look.
    There is certainly enough photographic evidence to document visits by at least 3 to as many as 6 distinctly different individuals on: 4/19/10, 10/28/10, 1/4/11, 1/11, 1/19 & 1/28. My guess is 4 distinct individuals, BUT I am not yet prepared to proclaim a definitive answer to the question: “Exactly how many different owls have been here?”
    I can only say that I haven’t yet seen two owls at the same time.

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