More Night Presence

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It was a year ago today that this female laid her first egg…To my knowledge that was the earliest recorded egg laying for screech owls in Massachusetts.
Anyway, the female has been spending some time in the box at night recently. And these were just the times that I ‘caught’ her. Does this mean anything? It will be fun to find out.



  1. Just a sketchy update from NJ. Had a beautiful screech owl in the box (no camera working). Totally different owl then last year. A dark, almost charcoal, grey – striking! Last year was typical light grey female and a red male. They had 3 grey owlets. This owl was in the box for over a week, then disappeared. I keep looking in our unfinished garage rafters where there are too many places for it to hide. Tonight I heard him calling to a mate. Beautiful long deep voice. Very different then in years past. Had to share.

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