Photo Upgrade

At the risk of this becoming more of a nature photo blog…I still will try to keep it focused as a log book on the screech owl boxes.
I broke down and got a new camera. Its Fuji HS10,
I don’t have the budget for a DSLR and the fixings, (aka.. lens kit 500 mm +) so got me a ‘all in one’ type ‘bridge cam’/superzoom point and shoot with lots of controls. Anyway it can do 24 – 720 mm equivalent focal lengths. The pictures are not going to have the fine detail that a DSLR larger sensor can get, but the versatility plus good images for a point and shoot type sensor. Sure beats what I had been using(some previous shots were taken with a pocket type point and shoot hand held up to a 7x fixed focused binoculars) .
And does give a bit more incentive to throw a random one off photo of a nice bird or animal here and there, especially in the slow owl season (aka summer).

Here are some examples at full zoom, as I learn how to use this thing.

redbr. merg.

red squirrel

black duck


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