Suspicion Confirmed Kinda

Site 1

Back in mid January I did a post “There was a Mighty Duel” with some bird and mice tracks…I also mentioned that a larger “eared” type owl was reported to me on site. Every once in a while through out the winter there would be the some crows that would be mobbing an area with a mix of brambles, a large cedar, pine and spruce. Seemed like an unlikely, but decent long-eared owl roosting area. Today the crows were at it and found the culprit this time. A Barred Owl! was it mistaken identity previously? who knows.
Anyway, this is only about 850 feet from the screech owl nest site. Sound like a lot, but in bird terms that is only,what like, 15 second flight. Barred owls eat screech owls if given the chance. But thanks to a screen capture sent to me by Phil over at “owl and other of essex” blog, the male (red phased, paler in B/W) was seen in the box tending to the female. Just one more thing the pair has to worry about.



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