3 owlets and photo opps.

Site 1

Well, It looks like only 3 of the eggs were successful. In talking to Phil Brown, who helps out with the Massachusetts Breeding Bird Atlas. We both suspect that the first egg that was laid most likely froze. Phil noted, Before she started incubating (screech owl may not start incubating until the second or even third egg is laid), there was a night were she was gone for a few hours and the air temps were ~ 15 degrees F. However the three remaining owlets are seem to be doing well.

meanwhile, with the milder temps the male has been roosting in some of the near by evergreens, they seem to be creatures of habit. He frequents some of the same places he roosted last year. It certainly makes him easier to find.

Although sometimes he gets displaced, or just decides to move (by mobbing songbirds or ???) today he flew into the natural cavity after starting out in an eastern juniper.


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