A Return to the North Facing Hollow

Back on the last day of last year I did a post about looking at potential owl roost/tree cavities. The owl I saw was in a north facing hole, in the winter no less. This was worth noting for me, as this would be open to our fiercest weather. However, there is some suggestion that they may like north facing entrances for nesting, but this seems to be primarily in the south (which kinda makes sense). Anyway I saw it a couple more times, then with all the snow we had over the winter, the hole became completely filled, it was no more. Now with spring weather, but leaves just starting out (to roost in foliage) the owl was back. It was in the entrance most of the day, so doubtful its a female on eggs.
However, it could be:
A male with a female down inside,
Just a male hanging out with a near by nest?
Just an unpaired owl. (male?female?)
last and probably least likely, a female who will start incubating soon?

Talk about an upgrade, this photo was taken from a similar distance as the photo from hollow obsession


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