Circle Hole Nest?

Site 8

From the owner

While “Brown” owl has been seen nearly every day this month [23 out of 28 days], “White Face” hasn’t been seen since March 30th. Apparently the backyard birds haven’t been mobbing an empty box (see 4/13 post). Yesterday afternoon, I went out onto the back deck and suddenly realized that both owls were watching me. Today I confirmed that “White Face” is in the ’round hole’ box, while “brown” continues to roost in the ‘slot box’. I’m even more curious to see if “White Face” has been nesting.

While using the telescope to observe these owls, I’ve frequently noticed chickadees at a hole in a tree within 20 feet of both owl boxes. I suspect there is a nest, but haven’t confirmed it.

My notes:
It would appear that she(“white face”) is using the circle holed box for a nest.
Bold little chickadees if they are nesting so close to the owls.



  1. I meant to add that I saw an owlet peering out of the ‘circle’ box at 5am this morning. ‘brown’ is present in the ‘slot’ box and I’ve heard lots of robins & bluejays harassing something in the maples behind the nesting box.

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