Wrote Too Soon

Site 8

I Should have checked my email before the last post. Most of the family was relocated

In any case, I last saw an owlet in the ‘circle’ box on Wed. 5/25. I didn’t see any owls on Friday & Saturday. Shortly after sunset yesterday (5/29), however, I tracked down a single screech owl about 20 yds to the west of the slot box. It was strongly backlit on a low branch, but it was simply too dark to identify as adult or fledgling. I also heard an immature owl calling, but couldn’t be sure where the sound came from.
This afternoon, a mob of backyard birds led me to find 3 owlets high in a maple tree about 25 yards to the northwest of the slot box [see the attached photos].

My Note: Looks like a possible fourth squeezed between the lower 2 owlets?
anyone else see it?

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