Figuring out who’s who

Site 8

ahhh, sorry for the cliche owl pun, after all screech owls don’t ‘who’.
Anyway I got an email update from the owner of site 8, complete with photos, thank you!.

Hi Scott.

We saw our first owl on Sept. 20, 2011 and it has been seen on 13 of the past 26 days. Due to dirty windows and folliage it was difficult to see at first. I didn’t get any photos until Oct. 5th & 7th. I’ve made another composite photo to compare this owl with photos from last season. This owl is very similar to those pictures from last year, but there are also subtle differences: There are tinges of red in the ear tufts that are apparent in a couple of these photos, this may be attributable to lighting, but I am hesitant to assert a definate opinion just now.


My preliminary assessment of the photos, is that this looks very much like the female aka..(whiteface) from last year, and in the composite looks to be the male 2 on the left and female the 2 on the right.

10/18/2011 update from owner:

The owl hadn’t been seen for several days, but at 7 this morning it was seen and heard calling from the slot box. An uncommon daytime serenade.
after hearing this morning’s serenade, i decided to keep tabs on the owl after sunset to see/hear if it would call out a reprise. alas it was silent, but i did see it leave the box at 6:06pm … a fitting end to a fine ‘owl’ day.



  1. Sat. 9:30 am – I just watched a squirrel climb down the top of the slot box. It peeked over the bottom edge, saw the owl roosting in the slot, and it quickly turned around and beat a hasty retreat. This is the first “security breach” I’ve seen on these “squirrel resistent” boxes.

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