Snowless Snowy Owl

Not really part of this trail,

Just took the family up to Salisbury Beach State Reservation on this unseasonably warm friday, its a fairly close place that has an RV/campgrounds, beach, a small playground, and is ‘known’ for the winter owls in Massachusetts, Snowy, Saw Whet, Short eared, and Long eared. A snowy owl on was perched on top of the Bath House this day. Seems like a preferred perch, as I have seen one in the exact same place a couple years ago. It seems to be a ‘good’ year for snowies as there seem to be quite a number of them reported for this time of year.


  1. Hey Scott, I was just running out to the powder point bridge and there was a Snowy Owl three people were taking pictures of it I got one but it just looks like a dot with my Ipod. so cool. I seem to only have one screech owl staying in the house right now. Hoping some horned owls didn’t kill the other one early am they were hooting right in the area of the two houses. Love your sight …

    1. thanks for the update, it has been a remarkable year for them! congrats on the sighting, hopefully more to come!

      I generally only see one screech owl roosting at a time, seeing 2 only seems to become regular as nesting season get close.

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