Keep Documenting

Site 8

Thanks to the owner of Site 8 I get these great composites now and then to document sightings.

Last recorded visit was 12/31 … until today(1-16-2012) … we probably have a different individual. it shows more white and has a pale grey tone; instead of the darker brown tones [with more contrast to white] of previous regular visitor. I took some snaps through telescope, and will pass them along if they’re any good.Here’s the latest composite of two returning owls.

My Notes:
Looks like the Female of last year on the right, I am thinking the male of last year on the left?
let me know if you are thinking differently.



  1. Last January was very active period when at least individuals appeared in our yard. The darker owl on the right was last seen Dec 31st. So, until Jan 16th there had been a two week absence of owls. Now the pale grey owl in pic. 1/16/12 has been seen 3 times since and the darker owl is unaccounted for. I am hoping to see more owls in the next few weeks, with the hope that two will pair up.

    1. Its not uncommon for owls to ‘disappear’ and move to other parts of their territory for periods of time. So I might still be inclined to think this is just the male from last year taking his turn here, as successful couples tend to stay mated. but the female from last year with the white eyebrows is very distinctive, so hopefully we will see if there is some owl turn-over here (or not).

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