Should be Getting Close

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If the last 2 years (feb 19 and feb 20 first eggs) are any indication there should be the first egg laid soon, given the mild winter there could already be one. This couple clock is about 1 month ahead of most screech owls in massachusetts for nesting. But as I mentioned earlier the box cam was damaged beyond repair with a tropical storm last august (2011) and it hasn’t been replaced yet, hopefully by next season. Anyway the male has been in the nest box recently? does this mean the female is down below or things just haven’t got started yet. I am unwilling to open the box up to check for fear of disturbing them. The time line for incubation to fledging is fairly well established so if things progress smoothly things can be back calculated from when owlets fledge with in a couple days of egg laying. Which is good enough for me.


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