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2/25/12 Update:
From the owner

In the overcast light of late afternoon(2/24), I could confirm that it was “white face” in the ‘circle box’. While I believe it was the “pale gray” owl in the slot box, the added shadow of the overhanging roof made that owl look darker than usual. Will try to confirm later today, I missed them this morning.

Reports from here continue to be excellent as we close on on prime nesting season (mid march to mid april) for screech owls in Massachusetts.

From the owner

We have seen the “pale gray” owl in the slot box nearly every day this month. Recently I believe that I’ve seen the “white face” owl a few times, but the two owls are very hard to tell apart in the dim light of dawn/dusk. This past week we’ve heard an owl calling, briefly, on a couple of occasions. This morning, however, I could confirm that the “white face” owl is back and it was roosting in the round hole box! I haven’t seen both owls at once, but I believe that we have have a mated pair in our yard. I don’t have a recent photo of the owl I believe is “white face”, but I’ve attached one of the “pale gray” owl taken last Saturday.

Thank you very much for the update!

One comment

  1. WE HAVE A PAIR OF OWLS! Suspicions were confirmed this morning when I saw an owl in each box at 6:15! It was tough light to tell them apart, but I believe that “white face” was in the ‘circle box’ and the “pale gray” owl was in the ‘slot box’. They were visible, but in & out, for about an hour; when the titmice & chickadees assaulted them. I’ll try to verify their identity & box when they reappear and if the lighting improves.

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