What’s He Doing?

Site 1

Unlike the last 2 years, the male has been spending lots of time in the slot style SQR box. This has been used as a nest the last two years, with eggs being laid 3rd week in February. History would have him staying in ‘his’ box. I have not seen the female since early feb, which isn’t unusual as she would only make very brief breaks at dark and pre-dawn for pellet/bathroom breaks from incubating.

So, is the female down below incubating peaceably and he is standing guard?
has the female chosen somewhere else to nest?
or has the female disappeared and he’s hanging on the prime nest box?
ahh if only the cam was working. Hopefully this will be known as the season progresses.



  1. Hi. I emailed you earlier w/ the picture of our modified SQR box for Western Screech Owls. First, we decided to keep the countertop mat’l on the front. Second, we are getting some interest this year from owls! Two nights ago we had a female briefly calling from the hole. We saw her tail feathers, out of focus on the live cam. So far so good.

    We have had no Squirrel issues at all. In the past it’s been a daily task to open the box to keep the starlings and squirrels out until the female takes up daily residence. The timing is about right for this box, but it is late according to the local raptor rehab. group. This will be year 4 with this site, our backyard.

    We had no occupancy last year, year before was three rotten eggs & no young. Three years ago we had two eggs overdue that mom ate. But at the time we were able to get her a fledgling from the rehab. which they both adopted and raised.
    I can’t imagine how much more time you spend and how frustrating it is to not have a camera. A long time ago I used to monitor Peregrines that way, but at least they are diurnal!

    It is fantastic that you are so dedicated, what your doing entails a lot of hard work. Do you do it as a hobby only?

    Sincerely, Laurie

  2. Thanks for the kind words, and the update! sounds like your improv. box is working!
    It is mostly a hobby, but I have covered some costs with some boxes…It doesn’t seem like work, and its really not much anyway at least compared to what I have read on bluebird trails, I try to keep box locations convenient to where I go frequently anyway, as well have much reporting by site owners that help out (site 8 is a great example) , I don’t open boxes up except to clean them once a year if that.

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