Boxless Pair

I found a pair of screech owls about 500 yards away (down the street) from Site 2 I had the intention of seeing if any owls were around by imitation, but I heard one calling first (all the better), then saw it flying through a couple of trees, it looked like it was catching insects in and around the branches as it was flying from branch to branch more like a warbler than an owl. It was eventually joined by a second owl. So ‘she’ is not incubating yet. But they should be staying near by. From the experience watching owls with the boxes, they don’t travel very far right after fly out.
Only got this blurred pic, a 4 second exposure, manual focus (guess) as it was too dark for the camera to autofocus. Well at least I can tell its a gray phase, oh and if you look very closely above the head of the owl is a ghost outline of the second owl that took off right as the shutter was triggered. (2 sec time delay).

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