Site 8:Update on Owls

Received an email update:

Hi Scott,

For the first week of March both the ‘pale gray’ male & ‘white face’ female appeared frequently in their preferred box (male in the slot box & female in the circle box). SInce then I’ve seen an owl at dawn and/or dusk, in the slot box practically every day in March. At first I assumed it was only the male that appeared daily. However the male and female are so similar, there were many days when I couldn’t be sure which one was visible in the slot box during the past 3-1/2 weeks. Yesterday morning I got up after 7am and missed the dawn ‘window’ of opportunity and didn’t see an owl in either box. In the late afternoon, however, the ‘white-face’ female appeared in the circle box! Soooo there may be something going on in the circle box after all!

My Notes:
Screech owls tend to go back to successful nesting hollows/box. AND, last year these owls(~2 days earlier) and Site 3’s owls were on very similar schedules, so my guess is there is some nesting going on in the circle hole box here! Thanks for the update!


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