Unboxed Site Owl

Took a stroll down the street to see if the unboxed pair are still around, it would seem they are nesting now, based on activity. Prior to nesting owls are usually quite active right after flyout as was previously noted/blogged. There is lots of calling and they were fairly conspicuous. It seems once nesting is underway they are much quieter, the female would be incubating, and the male busy hunting. Not to mention it would not be ‘wise’ to be advertising their nest site to potential predators. I only saw this one owl. Also I cannot find where they are staying either the roost cavity or hopefully a nest cavity, it will only get more difficult as leaves start appearing on the trees.



  1. Hi Scott, I received the GIANT box with your great nest box in it. All parts are there too. We will be figuring a place for it next year so they have a back up spot. It is really nice rough wood inside. I see how the owls can hang out at the slot so easily in your pictures. So our female is incubating three eggs but we haven’t seen the male bringing prey to her in some time. Before, when we had the live cam on we’d see at least 2 prey deliveries during the couple hours before we go to bed. It makes us a little nervous… though she is not spending lengthy amounts of time away from incubating. Any input?

  2. Its great you have a western screech owl nest in your retrofitted box, Based on the Eastern, It all depends on whats available and whats been caught, large prey and it may be only once a night, insects multiple trips and hour. If she isn’t leaving for extended time I am guessing she gets enough food. Hopefully you will see some cached food during the day. When was first egg laid? Oh, Sometimes she will leave quickly to pick up the meal outside of the box from the male.

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