Only One Owlet, Lots of Photos

Site 1
Update from (4-20-12):
Got a couple more photos from Day 5 after fledging, This was their last day in the crab apple they have moved off now.

This site only fledged a lone owlet this year. Previously 2010 there were 6 fledglings, last year 3 fledglings. So it may just be a tough year food wise here, despite the ‘easy’ winter. Anyway, it fledged on the night/early am of the 14-15th of april. Which is just about a full week earlier than 2010 (with a first egg date of February 19th). They consistently have taken the same path through some large Yews to a Crab Apple, one of the earliest tree with leaves. They have hung out the last 3 days in the crab apple. Wrapping up this site as the owl family will soon be off and most likely unable to be located. As usual larger versions of the pics can be view by clicking 2 times (slow)

The dad just prior to fledging in a eastern red cedar

Mom in yew (day 1 after fledging)

Owlet in yew (day 1 after fledging)

Dad at the end of the row of yews (day 2)

Mom (Day 2)

Owlet (Day 2)

Dad (Day 3 crab apple)

Mom (Day 3)

Owlet (Day 3)

Day 5 Mom and Dad, the owlet was there but very well concealed so could really get an additional pic.



  1. take a closer look at the “owlet day 3” photo: it seems to me there are three eyes & three ear tufts in that photo. The alignment of the two most obvious eyes is also strange for one bird. I think there’s clearly an owlet in the upper left of the “body” and a second owlet in the right foreground, with its beak buried in the feathers of its breast? or left wing? the shadow of a branch obscures the features of the owlet in the foreground.

    1. John, I wish there was a second owlet, but I have gotten good looks, and they have been in that crab apple the last 5 days, there is only one owlet. I think what you are seeing is just the shoulder/neck puff, and shadows that give an illusion of a face, there is only one eye and beak visible in the last owlet photo.

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