Site 8 Update

Site 8

Recent update from the owner of site 8.

I have seen this screech owl regularly since its arrival on Sept. 25th. Usually it is only briefly visible when it returns to the box at dawn. Sometimes it reappears in the afternoon. On Election Day, however, I was amazed to see it watching R.A. landscaping clean up our yard with their loud leaf blowers & roaring leaf vacuum! Since this owl wasn’t bothered by the noise, I stepped out on the deck and a pic. with the Nikon Coolpix – zoomed in, of course. It is an awkward image because the sun was reflecting off the left side of the box. I had to ‘fix’ that problem to improve the image. Also want to add that owl has been calling after its return to the box before sunrise. I’ve heard it twice within the past few days.


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