Thought it was a Great Horned

Based on location, when I first saw the owl I would have swore it was a great horned owl. The lighting wasn’t great and it was ~ 150 ft away. It was at Appleton Farms (link to trail map). Alas, it was just another somewhat strange location for a Barred owl, much more prototypical Great Horned habitat/roosting area. Its not unusual to find Barred owls in the grass rides section of the property, but this was a bit removed from the forest/swamp section (lighter green on the map). It was roosting in a relatively loose stand of mostly white pine surrounded by fields/pasture, on the right of the trail that is a little over half way between pigeon hill and the private residence to the NW on goodhue st. At the top of the ‘great pasture’. If it weren’t for the photo I might still think I saw a great horned…as I didn’t have any binoculars with.normally I don’t advertise specific roosting locations of owls, but since this is area that is fenced of with electric livestock fencing, there are no encroachment issues.

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