Back to the Boxes: Site 3 in Transition?

Site 3

Since out and about owl sitings have inevitably slowed down, I can get back to the sites. It looks like the Female at site 3 is missing. For the last 3 seasons, its alway been the male that has been tough to see. The first year, he was never definitively seen. In 2011 he was seen for the first time March 25.
In 2012 he was first documented in February in the pole box.
So this year, he has been Staying in the SQR type box very regularly including today, at least since mid november. But the female has NOT (oops she has been seen as late as 24th of november) been seen since the perhaps the beginning of November. Last photo I got of her was October 22 . So either she has found/looking for better hunting for an unusually long period of time (compared to previous years) or she has disappeared permanently. I unfortunately suspect the latter. This would be the first documented ‘turnover’ at my sites if it is the case. needless to say it will be interesting keeping an eye on this site for the next few months!

Addendum may have spoke to soon! with the new information coming to light, it warrants more time to make any sort of assessment.
Phil over at quickly gave me a comment letting me know:

Hi Scott, site 3, I’ve seen the red screech in the SQR box on 3 occasions recently, all late afternoon on 11/16, 11/18, 11/19 & 11/24. Enjoy Phil

male in SQR box today



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