Whet Your Whistle

Ok sorry bout the title, its better than the the omni-tempting Saw What?
I had not seen a little Saw-Whet owl in like 25 years. I was probably in 6th grade, I didn’t even see it with my eyes, a scope was pointed at it, I saw it through the scope high up in a pine, but when looked with only my eyes I never did see it. Anyway, I was able to whistle this one in right at dusk, with enough light still left to see it slowly fly its way down from some tall dense pine stand, it stayed about 25-30 feet above and did quietly toot a couple times. Normally I won’t use my flash (just the popup kind) for a pic, but temptation got the better of me. But I did have the flash on its lowest setting, there was still some light, and it was just about out of range…ahh I still don’t like it but it was the only way to document it, next time tripod. Even with the flash they are still just ID type documentation pics. I have tried imitating them a few times before mainly more of “hey you never know whats out there’ but never in ideal habitat, and never had anything respond. This was more prime habitat and who knew my imitation worked. And now that I know my imitation works I will have to use it very responsibly.
Also, Earlier this year I found this paper on “Detecting Saw-Whet Owls”. After reports from banding stations were quite good, numbers wise for saw-whet’s. Not really anything new, but some may find it interesting. Its a good time to add it too the Research link section of the blog as well.

time stamp was @ 4:25 ish just about 10-15 minutes after sunset.



  1. Thanks for the link! Very interesting. I had a friend a town over from me that was fortunate enough to see a saw whet owl family of fledglings about four years ago. Very cool.

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