No Male Yet

Site 1

The female has been fairly consistent in ‘her’ box, that has been used as a nest the past 3 years. Last year the male was first seen end of november/early december time frame. Last year he was flushed from ‘his’ box (circle entrance SQR style about 150 feet from slot SQR type used as nest) twice in the first couple weeks of january by landscaping/brush clean up. After the first disturbance he returned the next day, after the second he only spent time (when he was seen in a box) in ‘her’ box and spent much of nesting season in the entrance to the nest. He may have crossed ‘his’ box off the list of comfortable hollows so to speak, or there will be some turnover, or maybe just is else where in a comfortable natural hollow near by and just wait a bit and he will use his box later. But to this point in time he has not been seen since last spring.

Female sunning herself friday 12-14-12


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