Winter Bluebirds Checking the Box

Site 8

Very cool update from the owner of site 8, of note the owls have been consistent as well, but a little surprise for thursday Jan. 17.

Hi Scott,
We had another flurry of birds in our backyard this afternoon: not only lots of the usual yard birds, but also about a dozen bluebirds and at least one redpoll (probable). The bluebirds were VERY INTERESTED in the round hole owl box! I watched as 2 – 3 females fly up [one at a time] and peeked in the hole and at least one male also perched & peeked [it flew off as I snapped the pic]! Because they were QUIET, I don’t think they suspected an owl. Instead I think they were sizing it up as a night roost box. The flock moved on, but I think they would be very surprised to wake up with an owl right next door.

2013-01-17bluebirds (6)

2013-01-17bluebirds (4)

Thanks for the update!



  1. How interesting! Thank you for posting.

    With all the boxes we have up on the property, the winter nesting pockets are always the most popular for the evening. The birds will fight over them, and since I feel bad for the bird who loses out, end up buying even more of them to put up.

    I just checked up on the seed and suet supplies. The heated bird bath is working. Stay warm, friends. It feels like it’s going to be a long winter.

  2. Today a large flock of bluebirds ‘led the assault’ on the slot box, occupied by the pale ‘white face’ owl. The usual yard birds were also participating in the harassment, but the bluebirds were the most noticeable. Two or three at a time would swoop in toward the lip of the box and briefly hover there. I would estimate 20 -30 were here; the largest flock of bluebirds I’ve ever seen in our yard. I took a couple of pics but couldn’t capture them hovering in front of the owl box.

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