Blizzard Bluebirds and Owls

From Monday 2/11/13

The darker ‘chocolate’ colored Screech Owl has been seen regularly since it was first seen in September.
2012-11-09ScreechOwl (1)

The pale ‘white face’ owl (female?) showed up in early November and appeared with some regularity through mid-December. Although both owls were using the slot box, I never saw both owls at the same time; or during the same day. I’ve seen either ONE or the OTHER, as if they were taking turns in the box. This past weekend the darker owl appeared after a two week absence. It took refuge in the slot box during the height of the blizzard. On Sunday, however, the pale owl was in the box. I managed to get some photos yesterday.

2013-02-10WF-ScreechOwl (17)

And from Tuesday 2/12/13

Today a large flock of bluebirds ‘led the assault’ on the slot box, occupied by the pale ‘white face’ owl. The usual yard birds were also participating in the harassment, but the bluebirds were the most noticeable. Two or three at a time would swoop in toward the lip of the box and briefly hover there. I would estimate 20 -30 were here; the largest flock of bluebirds I’ve ever seen in our yard. I took a couple of pics but couldn’t capture them hovering in front of the owl box.

Thanks as always for the updates!!!


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