Status Quo after Storm

Site 1 and Site 3

In case you hadn’t heard we had a Blizzard, about 24 inches (61 cm) of snow fell, plus high winds. So afterwards was a good time to do a check of these two sites.
First, Site 1.
The red phase male has not been seen all year, so we may be looking at a single gray female here, we are less than a week away from when this particular female has historically laid her eggs, but unless there is a very secretive male around she may have to delay or cancel nesting this year. Also I have not had a chance to replace the cam that was so helpful in figuring out what was going on in the box. So it will just take time before the whole picture becomes more apparent. Also the Barred owl is still roosting less than 1/4 mile away and is seen quite consistently.

Female in the box

Barred owl first seen 11/20/2012 still around.

Site 3.

Unfortunately, It looks like this site was in transition, as the last time the red phase female was seen (by Phil Brown) was 11/24/12. To the best of my knowledge she has not been seen since. The male has dutifully occupying both the SQR type box and the ‘pole’ box. So hopefully he can find a female that will find one of the boxes suitable for a nest.

male in the SQR box


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