Look Who Showed up for my Birthday

Site 1.
Yesterday was my birthday, and the male spent the day in ‘his’ box! This is the first time he has been seen since last May. Interestingly, from this site, the first egg of the 2010 season was on my birthday as well. I guess he was just being secretive with his roosting local this winter. This should be the same female and male, so hopefully the first egg of the 2013 season is imminent or has already occurred. As the last three seasons she has laid eggs on or around the 3rd week in February.
As for documentation, I didn’t have my camera with me, only able to get a oldskool makeshift shot hand-held through binoculars. better than nothing.

A 2-22-13 update, figured I get a better photo, as he was in his box sunning himself.


2-26-13 update: She has not started incubating yet, spent much of the day in the entrance.


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