Two Owl Confirmed

Site 8

This was sent yesterday 3-10-13 from the owner of site 8.

TWO OWLS THIS MORNING – at last my suspicions are confirmed! The “pale white-face” is in the round box and the slightly darker owl is in the slot box. Their differences are very subtle! No wonder I’ve been confused about whether I’ve been seeing one owl or two in the slot box. I’ve attached photos, but must apologize for their quality. My smaller camera with zoom lenses malfunctioned, so I used the larger Nikon with a 55mm lense. I enlarged the image dramatically and cropped it severely to only focus on the owls.

no apologies needed, any pic is a good pic of owls!
Thanks for the update.
2013-03-11two owl day (3)

2013-03-11two owl day (2)


  1. Sunday through Thursday this week both owls seen before sunrise. I happened to see the presumed female (pale, white face) return from foraging at 6:45am Tues & 6:30am Wed. Apparently the male entered ‘his’ box at the same times. Neither owl was visible at sunrise this morning, Friday. The female appeared later in the morning, but the male did not appear while I was around. I left the house by 2 pm and didn’t return until 8. As I got out of the van I heard a screech owl calling; but there was too much traffic to hear if there was a second owl. twenty minutes later, I stepped outside and heard an owl call, but traffic noise interferred again.

  2. Saturday 3/16 woke up to look for owls at 6:30 am. The male was already in the slot box and the female was perched on a small branch in front of the box. She sat there for a couple of minutes and flew up to the box. Her back was to me, so I couldn’t get a good look at her field marks and it was too dim for a picture anyway.
    Since she seems to be foraging at night and visible during the day, I would guess that there aren’t any eggs in her nest box. I hope I’m wrong!

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