Two Owl Stroll, (plus equipment upgrade)

My wife got both ahead by 2 in the competion! family stroll around Long Hill the first barred was roosting along the trail about 30-35 feet in a pine. The second was about 1/4 mile away, also in a pine (mid-grown) and a bit lower say 20-25 feet up. Could it be a pair? I heard a ruckus of nuthatches and I went to investigate, there were chickadees and a downy woodpecker or two, but they didn’t seem agitated, just the nuthatches, I was about to conclude it was just a territory/breeding dispute among nuthatches when my wife called out, another barred! Seems the student has bested the teacher when it comes to locating owls.

Now, just a quick note on equipment, so over the last 2 years (using HS10), trying to figure out a direction for documenting owls, ie camera…go DSLR, or Micro 4/3rds, stick with the superzoom, weighing pluses and minuses. I liked looking at what the other owlers (owlblognetwork and others) used as the took some fantastic images but knew I needed long reach and portability for long walks in shady woods. So I think this solution will work for a while. Its still a small sensor superzoom. (for the interested/ technically interested)
The panasonic FZ200, which is 25 to 600mm lens but has a constant F2.8 lens, other superzooms go double the length (1200mm) but cost at lens speed. BUT, unlike DSLR teleconverters(TC), a quality TC on the front of the lens will yield little to no loss of light…So now added a 1.7 TC to the lens and its a 1020mm lens with an F2.8 constant if need be. So most of the time thats what I will be using for my shots, although there will still be contribution from owners with anything and everything, after all there are no bad pictures to document owls.
Alright enough about equipment on to the owls!!!

first owl along the trail,


second owl about 1/4 mile from the first, (pair??)


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