She is on a Roll,(while I got a pity point)

talking about the owl finding competition, which will officially end April 1, as our self-declared deadline, my wife has a commanding 2 point lead, really a 3 point lead, but she let me have one point… the story… Last weekend we took a walk in area that on paper has good long-eared potential, while its public accessible it see very little traffic. However, there are almost too many places as there are lots of dense cedars stands, opened stands of cedars, scattered white,pitch and red pine, with some brambles mixed in w/ fields and marsh near by. anyway on the trail, we flushed (what else) a barred owl from 10 feet away. I got the point because I ‘called it’ a split second earlier than she did even though we saw it at the same time, disappointingly neither of us picked it out before it flushed! but really she just trying to keep my spirits up…Her latest was at the end of a family walk in the Appleton farm ‘grass rides’, where she gave hand signals to the rest of the family as she spotted a low roosting (very small=male?) barred in about 30 feet from the trail, at dusk. The previous owl(s) we have seen were on the other side of this large trustee property so almost certainly a ‘new’ owl for us. We quietly observed it and then moved on back to the car. A quality point! Ahh there is always next year.

P1000342 (1) P1000385 (1)


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