Just Awful!!!

Site 1

This marks the second year here with un-successful nesting. Last year they did fledge one young, that was found dead road side a few days later. This year well it got worse, for a warning the last image is a bit gruesome. All seemed to be going similar, and I was expecting to start seeing owlets popping up in the entrance of the box soon. BUT today I located both the male and the female in ‘The’ crab apple with out any owlets…This couldn’t be good. usually I can follow the family to the the crab apple and it takes them a few days to get through the yews, to the crab apple…I thought she might have had infertile eggs, as she had 4 of them last year. So after work I opened the box and found at least 2 dead owlets, with advanced feathers…it was gross, I don’t know how long, it seemed not real recent but because of development of the owlets it had to be fairly recent. Just a big old failure. Didn’t look like predation. Parisites? Starvation? Who knows. Such is working with with life. Anyway here are some photos the last is the material after I cleaned out the box and brought the stuff to the ground

male from a couple days ago when it seemed all was well
P1010094 (1).

male from today

female from today

what are you both here for something must be wrong.

oh boy, wrong is right! cleaned out the box, WARNING graphic.


But I DO have some more hopeful news from Site 8, update soon!

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