Sorry for the Delay

Site 8

Hopefully things are still going well here, as I received this update, albeit 2 weeks ago on
May 6th,2013.

Yipppeeeee! TWO OWLS today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been over a month [March 25] since I’ve seen the pale, white-faced Screech Owl, but she’s visible in the slot box right NOW! And the dark male was visible in the same box at 6 this morning. We still have a pair and now I wonder if she’s been brooding on a nest in the slot box.
During this month, however, I have occasionally seen another, darker owl, in the slot box. It has been impossible for me to document the differences, because neither camera is working properly. In any case, this interloper is darker and grayer than either of the “regular” owls. It has less contrast in the plumage, so it appears to be a smudge of color in dim light; whereas the ‘regulars’ show contrast between light and dark feathering and they stand out more in dim light.

if all is well hopefully I can find some time to get some pics, (sorry to hear about your cameras!)

As always, thank you for the update!


One comment

  1. Well, that was an anti-climax! The two owls lingered for a couple of days and then disappeared. I haven’t seen an owl since May 8th.

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