First and New

Site 3.

Is first to get an owl in a box, the pole box, but this is a new owl. A striking red phase.
For a brief history of this site, the first owl to show up was a female red phase back in oct 2009, the first time a male was seen it was a gray phase. Last year she disappeared and a female gray phased showed up with the gray phase male and had a successful nest. Now a new red phase owl shows up today, that is distinctly different from the first red phased female. So this season starts with a bit of twist. Is this just an intruder soon to be ousted by the gray pair? Or has there been more owl turn-over here? In any case certainly seem to be an owly neighborhood!
Oh a box cam has been added to the pole box, as well as the old SQR box cam still works, so both can be monitored.

view from the new cam. Just installed a couple days ago Saturday.(sorry about the cord)

Here is the new red phased owl, quite a red individual. I notice the lack of contrasting forehead streaks.

Compared to the past female, photo was taken just about a year ago


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