Snowy Starts off the Challenge

It looks as though the winter of 2013-2014 is going to be quite a good year for snowy owls. The last irruption year was 2011-2012. We are not too far removed from the last good year. This year it seems the east coast is snowy central, from NJ to ME reports are poring in. It was like someone turned on the snowy owl switch. It is fitting that the first point for the owling challenge between my wife and myself goes for a snowy owl. I got the point. We were taking a family walk through some beach trails. My wife gets all distracted having fun with our kids, while I was up ahead a bit and see a low flying white bird. I lost sight of it briefly as it dipped down into a dune valley only to rise up and settle on the top of a dune ridge. It was pretty far away maybe 150-200 yards, and no trails that passed closer to it, but good enough to get a document pic. Everyone got to see it as well.

P1030838 (1)

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