Double Trouble

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All I had to do was post that things were fairly normal here, and voila, not so ‘normal’ anymore. So a second barred owl has shown up. I don’t know how long its has been around, but only recently had I notice a ‘new’ roosting spot. Turns out it was not only a new spot, but a ‘new’ owl about 100yards away from the ‘regular’ barred owl. Today was the first time I have seen them at the same time. So this certainly make things interesting, as there is a very good chance these two are paired up. I wonder if they will find a suitable nesting site near by…which would be ‘too?’ close to the screech owl site, or maybe this is just a wintering ground and they will find a better spot come spring.

the regular barred owl in its normal roost

the newly documented owl (if I had to guess, this seems smaller=male)
1/17/14 Update:
The male spent the day in the box today, the first he had been seen since end of October


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