The Deer Tick Connection

Ok I found a Barred today, I first flushed it but then it flew back towards me, choosing to keep and eye on me from a comfortable distance up in a white pine.

This was a place where I still believe has some good Long-Eared potential, but this time I was by myself, without the family. There is enough (area wise) habitat that I still will be checking it occasionally for long-eareds. Last year we flushed a Barred owl in almost the same area. So this could (most likely) be a resident owl(s).

Which brings me to the deer ticks…Back in november we took a family walk here no owls were seen, but we even brought along my Mom for the hiking adventure. It was a pretty standard November day. After a bit of walking along the trails we decided to do a Tick Check…WOW we each had a bunch of deer ticks on our pants. From then on every 5-10 minutes we would stop along the way back, and take off at least a handful of deer ticks from everyone, It really was a nightmarish amount, such as we have never experienced. So it seems this will only be a dead of winter place to walk.

anyway…here is todays barred



  1. Hi- Wow- was this in Mass. where you got all the ticks in Nov?? I wouldn’t have thought there would still be any around that late in the season, but will sure be more diligent about checking my clothes for them from now on. Nice shot of the Barred!
    Good Owling,

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