Month: October 2014

Mid October, Prime Return Time (in MA)

Site 9

It seems as though mid(ish) October seems to be about the peak of owls returning to hollows (or boxes)in MA. Some may come back earlier…some a little later but if the peak of hurricane season is mid september, I would argue the peak of screech owls taking up hollows in MA would be midish October.
Anyway, an update from the owner:

Our female red owl returned on Sunday morning October 19! We were so happy to have her back in her box. We have installed a bird cam so we can see what is going on in her box. She has been in her box ( except for 1 day) every day and has an established routine already! Today she has a small rodent in her box and we have not seen that happen yet! Last night she flew out and joined up with another owl( her mate or her little owlet from the spring). We are looking forward to documenting their behavior.

site9camSONY DSC

Thanks for the update! and I would most like say that it was her mate that she met up with…Screech owls tend to kick out their young in Late Summer- Fall


More Action

Site 8

From the owner:

I was working in my office on Saturday(Oct 17) afternoon and heard a faint bird call that was barely audible through the closed window. Impelled by curiosity I went to open the back door to the porch and quickly heard the distinct trill of a Screech Owl somewhere in our back yard. It was calling frequently, with only a brief interval between the trills. The noise of too many passing cars, planes and a large truck soon drowned out the call of the owl.
Apparently the noise didn’t deter the owl from staying in our yard. Today(10/20) we have painters using sanders to remove the paint from our house. Two carpenters are using a compressor and various power tools to repair the siding and trim of our house. I happened to think about the owl as I was walking past the windows in the back hallway and “Lo and Behold” there was a red Screech Owl in the box!!!!!!!!!! FIRST OF THE SEASON – YIPPEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A red Screech Owl appeared in the slot box again this morning.,, the second sighting this week. Cheers,

2014-10-20RedScreech (11)wm

thanks as always for the update!

Moving Back In

Site 1 and Site 3

Both have reported owls back in boxes at these sites.  First siting from site 3 was Friday Sept 26th a gray phase, since both male and female are gray its tough to say which is which.

First observation of an owl at Site 1 came on Monday Sept 29th. It is the gray phase female, looks like the female that has been seen here since Oct 2007.

Site 1, female in slot style box Sept 29th.


2014 Wrap Up

Site 1
Screech Owls,
Male=red phased
Female=gray phased
First Egg: mid march
# of Eggs…………… least 4
First Hatch: mid april
# Hatched…………….4
Fledged ……………….4

Site 2
No screech owls…It seems a Pair of Barred Owl have been fairly regularly heard late summer and fall 2014, even in the day. Oh and the leucistic red-tailed hawk was last seen 3/13/2014.

Site 3
Screech Owls
Male=gray phased (confirmed 2011)
Female=gray phased (new for 2013 nesting)
First Egg: early april
# of Eggs ………….4
# Hatched………… 4
Fledged……………. 4
(a day or 2 after June 8th, 2014)

Site 4

No screech owls

Site 5
Maryland successful nesting but details lacking
Screech Owls,
Male= ?
Female=red phased
First Egg ???
# of Eggs…………. ??
First Hatch ???
# Hatched ………… at least 1
Fledged ……………. at least 1

Site 6
No screech owls, great horned owl(s) still heard occ.

Site 7
no screech owls

Site 8
Screech Owls, at least 2 which nested nearby
again in 2014 did not nest at site 8, but nested near by with 4 owlets observed to have fledge!
Male= Gray phased (browner)
Female=Gray phased

Site 9
site 9 relocated 2014, Owl in Box with-in 3 days of installation (new record):
Screech Owls,
Male= Gray phase
Female= Red phased
First Egg: mid march
# of Eggs…………… least 1
First Hatch: mid april
# Hatched…………….at least 1
Fledged ……………….at least 1

2014 Totals:
screech owl eggs ……10 +
screech owl fledged…..9+ (+ 4) fledged near (but off) site 8 massachusetts
1+ Maryland.