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From the owner:

I was working in my office on Saturday(Oct 17) afternoon and heard a faint bird call that was barely audible through the closed window. Impelled by curiosity I went to open the back door to the porch and quickly heard the distinct trill of a Screech Owl somewhere in our back yard. It was calling frequently, with only a brief interval between the trills. The noise of too many passing cars, planes and a large truck soon drowned out the call of the owl.
Apparently the noise didn’t deter the owl from staying in our yard. Today(10/20) we have painters using sanders to remove the paint from our house. Two carpenters are using a compressor and various power tools to repair the siding and trim of our house. I happened to think about the owl as I was walking past the windows in the back hallway and “Lo and Behold” there was a red Screech Owl in the box!!!!!!!!!! FIRST OF THE SEASON – YIPPEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A red Screech Owl appeared in the slot box again this morning.,, the second sighting this week. Cheers,

2014-10-20RedScreech (11)wm

thanks as always for the update!


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