Nicely Done

Site 8

It seems the owls have taken up here once again, they had been nesting near by the last 2 years, but this year they decided to take up here…from the owner

photos taken during the past week (June 5 – June 9). We watched at least 3
baby owls leave their nesting box this evening (June 10th). One baby remained in the box and it was too dark to see if any others remained in the box with it.

mom(red) and dad

2 owlets peeking out

Recently fledged owlet and mom…

my notes: thank you for the updates and great shots especially the last one!



  1. Hi! I’ve been following your blog for years. This year we have family in residence in one of our boxes. (We don’t always.) This morning I found a dead bird under the box (not a owl – just their lunch). Should I leave it there? Did they accidentally drop it? Or is it a “warning” to other birds? This is the first time I’ve seen them leave “food” outside like that.Thanks!Diana

    1. I think I would just leave it, I don’t think it is a warning. The owl could have accidentally dropped it, or may just be a coincidence. If its there for a day or two then I would throw it away. Thanks, and congrats on the owls.

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