Month: December 2015

Active in Maryland…Is it the Same Owl?

Site 5

Maryland has checked in with this report:

This owl behaved differently from our previous owl, Rosie (more active, head out further, etc.) but I, of course, couldn’t tell for sure. We finally got pics from our camera onto our computer so we thought we’d have you give it a look.

The first pic is our current owl.


compare to the picture I took on a visit back in november 2012:
Looks to be the Same Owl as Last Year... which is a very dark red phased owl

Really tough to tell, very well could be the same owl. I guess that is they way I am leaning despite the more relaxed behavior.


Spreading the Resistance: Another Quick Resident

Although not a record (site 9 = 3 days)I do have a report of another quick resident owl taking up. It took about 15 days, I installed the box November 21st 2015 and then got this note in December, the owl was seen Dec 6th in Massachusetts

Shortly before Thanksgiving the box was installed.
December 6th something bright caught my eye. I was very excited but then thought it was an orange oak leaf that had caught on the box.
In fact, it was an adult Screech Owl checking things out from the hole in the box. I haven’t seen her recently but she or someone else was very active outside my window late last night.
We are delighted. I hope she stays and invites someone to live with her.

Thank you much for the update, and congrats on the owl!

More Owls Still No Points

…for me. I have seen a couple more barred owls, one by myself on a walk the other more frustrating one on a family walk. I saw it flying and land still over 100 feet away. I got my camera out and had it in the sight but the focus was off, instead of snapping a picture, I went for the re-focus, but it flew away and all I was left with was some pictures of empty blurry branches! Alas no one else saw it so no point! Today I did find a great horned on a lunch walk, which is a given no point, but it was fun to find regardless. I don’t think it is the same one as last year with an eye wound, but it was in the same area. If it is the same one as last year the injury healed well.

great horned owl roosting some 50-60 feet up in a pitch pine